Good morning from NCAR

December 20, 2016

Leaving my house this morning the sky was such a pretty light blue and all the clouds were pink.  I knew I had to drive the 4 minutes up to NCAR and check it out.  I was nicely rewarded. 

Above is a panorama shot as the flatirons were gorgeous too. 

And below from visiting our old 91 year old neighbors Sunday in their neighborhood. 

I sometimes feel sorry for people who don’t live in Colorado,  thought hit me a few days ago.  Silly I know but probably means I’m in the right place for me. 


Old dad’s are the happiest dads

December 19, 2016

I had my kids starting at 42 and have been really joy filled since without much downside if any in my well being,  it’s all been huge upside. Seems it is proven to make you happier having kids as an old dad,  plus I have higher education:

“Parents who are highly educated or have their first children between the ages of 35 and 49 show the strongest gains in happiness around the birth of their children.

For these parents, happiness gained when they became parents was sustained over the long-term.”

And again “The fact that among older and better-educated parents, well-being increases with childbearing” 

Got those from here.  Dr.  Rachel Margolis did the study. 

Nice to see as I’ve been sort of amazed at how good the whole marriage/family thing has been for me.  Considering so many people complain about it.  I think some other factors are that I work for myself and make my hours and make a decent living,  have a really easy going wife who I find very attractive as evidenced by our 4th kid on the way,  our just moving to Colorado,  my wonderful parents and parents in law who are all happily married, lots of good lifelong friends, living my dream of moving to Colorado and doing lots and lots of work on self improvement and learning to focus my brain on the good and how to best think for a pleasant life.  And exercise and healthy eating and avoiding gluten has made a big difference in my well being.  And the book the big leap where he makes the case that it is OK for everything to go great all the time. And regular church attendance and a belief in God. 

Life is amazing. 🙂 

Sanitas Hike and Boulder Revelations

October 25, 2016

I have been on a mountain climbing rampage the last few weeks, summiting Bear Peak, then Green, then a scouting of Eldorado Mountain with my 2 year old, then Most of the 14er Mt. Bierstadt, turned back by bad diarrhea and a fever 500 feet shy of the summit. Then on Sunday morning I hoofed it up the tallest local peak, South Boulder Peak, 2900 feet of it. and this afternoon busted up and down Mt Sanitas in just over an hour. I have the bug!! I find it somewhat amusing that I was hugely into mountain climbing last time I lived here, 1995-2000 but it took me over a year to get into it this time around. Seems it is in full swing now. I’m not sure what was the catalyst, maybe our youngest at 8 months is now pretty well under control, maybe I’m just in shape now so it’s fun. Maybe just sheer determination to get to the top of the first one, Bear Peak – and the love of it keeps me rolling along. Or the very mild encouragement of my property manager – or more like the example he sets of doing all sorts of cool quests such as hiking from Wyoming to New Mexico, hiking 19 days in the Grand Gulch, paddling accross the whole of the Boundary Waters, climbing every one of the 119 named Flatirons… stuff like this gets me fired up.

Today as I gutted it up Sanitas, it occurred to me, I was smiling at everyone. In the past, meaning like 2-12 months ago I would have been suffering. Today I felt great and threw out smiles to everyone I passed, getting many smiles and the occasional scowl in return. The handful of times I’d climbed Sanitas or the Goat Trail before, I would get mostly scowls and the occasional smile and friendly, happy greeting. Much better turn of events today, and I have to say the old theory that you get back what you put out certainly seems to have proved itself today. Much more pleasant than other trips. I was happy as could be, grateful, excited, feeling great. Feeling as though I somewhat fit in now in Boulder, where fitness is so important. Though we still don’t own a home and maybe never will here (story for another time, I have my reasons aside from homes being not super cheap), I still am feeling more comfy with the whole scene. Some downsides as in a lot of entitlement and trust fund folks (not all bad) and some bratty kids and many others having more money than us, but so many upsides like great weather (though I might qualify that – summers are too hot – I prefer summer in Michigan, Chicago, Cape Cod, Nantucket, and winters in Boulder are not all that easy, good bit more Snowy and cold than I remember Denver), hiking and mountain biking and climbing and skiing all really close, Denver and big city stuff all close, smallish town feel but still big enough to have lots of festivals and activities. Lot of nice midwest folks. Cool downtown area, lots of great restaurants. Too many random spiritual folks, but a great community of Christians we’re meeting through preschool and Church at Cornerstone and in our life groups.

As I made my way down my 5th mountain in three weeks or so, I couldn’t help but think of all the things I’m grateful for. Great books, amazing wife and marriage, she’s beautiful, fun, funny, fit, amazing mother, great homemaker, terrific happy cook, improving herself all the time, loves our kids, from a solid loving family. Three wonderful healthy hilarious fun beautiful smart fun and funny and active daughters. Amazing parents and sister and nieces and nephew. Wonderful aunts and uncles, amazing country, great business I own, my ability to make a living and live where I please and travel as I like. An incredible life.

On the way down, awash in exuberance, I smiled and started on my three favorite mantras, saying each of them out loud over and over, sometime with arms raised over my head: “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself” “God’s wealth is circulating in my life, His wealth is flowing to me in avalanches of abundance, all my needs goals and desires are met instantaneously by Jesus Christ for I am one with god and God is everything amen” ” I expand in success, abundance and love every day as I inspire those around me to do the same.”

My legs were tired on the way up but they kept at it, my lungs were right there with me, keeping up, and my knees felt fine. I enjoyed the summit for a bit, drank some water, and headed down. I loaded up our old yukon with just me, posted my Strava time/map, and headed into town, Ozo chocolate bar sounded good so I found an easy parking spot, walked a block and settled into a spot, answering emails and skypes with a comfortable smile on my face and fresh trail dust on my shoes. A call from my wife to let me know kids swim classes at four – perfect.

Life… so good. Boulder for all its faults I am more than content with today 🙂

Hike to scope out Eldorado mountain route with Ginny

October 16, 2016

Drove up Eldorado Canyon and turned left just before town,  past a yoga ashram and the Eldorado mountain trailhead is there. But no marked trail all the way to the summit. Myself and my 2 year old daughter made the trek,  ginny snoozing the majority of the uphill away on my back after maybe 20 minutes of super fun goofy banter. Such as hey cows! Look at the cows,  they’re saying hello,  cows you be quiet,  time out for you cow! 

Soon after Ginny sacked out I saw a deer,  always fun. Should be able to see him in the pic below. 

I followed the trails to Mickey mouse wall, ending up on a train tracks,  having watched the one astray a day roll by from not too far below the rails.  

Looking at the map, seemed much washer around to the south through a long tunnel.  The topo said so but I wanted to see for sure. I trudged through the dark oily smelling tunnel,  glimpsed a bit of light glinting off steel in the distance,  as the tunnel turned a bit. It was somewhat spooky. Emerging into daylight on the other side my map reading skills were proven correct and it was indeed much more gradual way to the top. But no trail I could see.  We headed back down the trail. 

Round trip was around 3.5 hours. 

I’m all excited to mountain climb again.  Have done bear and green (2200 and 2800 feet elevation gains) in the last week,  14er coming up on Tuesday. Love the mountains and looking at them and knowing I’ve stood on the summit. 

More goofing around on the way down made for a fabulous morning. 

Funny words my kids say

July 30, 2016

3.5 yrs Ev

Ka-roy = la Croix

Lellow = yellow

1.5 yrs Ginny

Pokkern = popcorn

Subble = shovel

Cat named sugar goes by sug- Ginny “dug”

Up air gen – up there again

Bower – flower

El me yad – help me dad

Beenit – bandaid

I yunny ose – I have a runny nose

Boon is balloon or byoon
Poon is spoon

Token oil – coconut oil

Scude – screwdriver

Ginny 2.5:



Apoy- La Croix

Ginny “I no want pickles on my pamilla ice cweam ”

Ginny: Pickles on ice cream??  Sprinkles!!  Sounded like pickles.

Ginny 2 ” I no see he”

Ginny is telling me she likes ice cream and pickles. Translated = sprinkles, pinkles

Ginny – I like familla ice cream

Ginny 3 yrs – when candy all gone, claimed a ghost ate it all and she was so scared she ran away. That same cold halloween after trick or treating 6 or 8 houses snuggled up in the stroller under the blanket and hood down, we assumed she was cold – all candy eaten!!

Ginny doll very sick, “she has a bad femur” (fever)

Ginny – elphalint (elephant)

Hope 20 months:  Beebuh (zebra)

Hope 22 months: for weeks after a smokey bear visit during our Xmas tree cutting in the national forest where she wouldn’t get within 15 feet of the park service Smokey character: “Mokey beaw.  Give mokey yug.  Sit mokey yap.”


Meadow Music every Monday in chatauqua

June 7, 2016

Hit this last night.  Every Monday in the summer they do a short hike with families, have a giant dressed up animal come down out of the woods (a person), then all head back to the meadow and watch a show by a band for kids.  Families with little kids spread out blankets and eat and watch.  Super fun, totally idyllic Boulder living, flatirons in the background.


Trip to Chicago to ready the Imjatse for sale

June 1, 2016

Headed to Chicago for a quick 2 day trip to clean up the Imjatse and get her ready for sale. Good times with my boat partner Aaron as always. Crashed at his place after a solid afternoon of work. Goofed around the next day in the morning seeing Ryan for breakfast at our usual spot, Nookies, worked at my old coffee shop for a bit, had lunch downtown with Adam and saw his new prop shop, worked on the boat painting the bottom and taking videos, then to Drews for BBQ on his back porch then dropped car at Aarons and walked to the blue line back to ohare. Bam!!

I miss Chicago and all my friends and family and all the activities we had going on all the time. I don’t miss the noise.  The El train is crazy loud.  I got honked at repeatedly, I’m not used to the Chicago pace any more!!  And I don’t remember it being so crowded… or the traffic so crazy and congested.  Really after 2 days I am ready to be back in colorado.  Quite a happy discovery, heading back to my idyllic boulder life.  Really good stuff.