Outdoor Resume

I put this together for fun – I like it 🙂

Island Peak, Himalayas, Everest region, first to summit in 2000, 20,400 feet.  Also summitted 18,000 foot Kala Patthar near Everest base camp.
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa.  Machame route, May 2000.
-Huayna Potosi, 19,996 feet, Bolivia.  Forced to turn back at 17,000 feet due to severe illness.  Summer 2003.
Mt. Orizaba, 18,405, Mexico’s highest peak.  Turned back at 16,000 feet because partner was ill and climbing had become treacherous.  November 2004.
Mt. Rainier, Washington State, 14,431 feet.  August 2002.
Mt. Whitney, California, tallest mountain in the lower 48, winter ascent, October 2000.
-Summitted eleven 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado, including winter ascents of Elbert(tallest), Bross, and Bierstadt.  Also winter couloir ascent of 13,900 foot Mt. Meeker.
Rock Climb
-Instructor at 100-foot indoor climbing wall at Lakeshore Athletic Club in Chicago, 2000-2015.
-5.12 climber at peak.
-The Diamond on Long’s Peak, Colorado, snowstorm halted our progress and forced a retreat from about 500 feet up.
-Extensive multi-pitch climbing including Taj Mahal in the South Platte near Denver, Various climbs in El Dorado Canyon, Eagle rock and Macgregor slab attempt near Estes Park, Lover’s Leap outside Denver, various routes in Red Rocks, Las Vegas.  Single and multi pitch climbs around Denver and Boulder, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin, Rattlesnake Point near Toronto, Jackson Falls, Southern Illinois, etc.
-Expert, double-blacks, some extreme and backcountry, began skiing at age seven.
-Lettered three years on varsity high school ski team.
-Lived for five years in Colorado, skied over twenty days/year. 
-Proficient snowboarder and telemarker/backcountry skier.
Mountain Bike
Extensive mountain biking in Colorado, two or three times/week for five years on mountain trails around Denver and Moab.  Mountain biked regularly around the Midwest.
Completed eleven triathlons and one urban adventure race to date.

-Ran a charter business hiring my sailboat and services out to all-female parties such as bachelorette or birthday parties since 2004,
-Sail all summer long several days a week on Ericson 28 on Lake Michigan in Chicago.
-Numerous overnight excursions in the Great Lakes and the Caribbean.
-Moved a sailboat 200 miles south down the intracoastal waterway, VA to NC
-Participated in a double-handed race from Port Huron to Roger’s City (250 miles) surviving a storm with fifty knot winds and eighteen foot waves in Lake Huron
-Crewed on a J120 in the Chicago to Mackinac 333 mile race five times
-Numerous other port-to-port sailing races and buoy races
Travel and Other
-Took seven months off in 2000 to travel around the world. Countries included Nepal, India, Tibet, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Eastern and Western Europe among many others.
-Sea kayaking trips in Kenai, Alaska, Baja, Mexico, and Apostle Islands Wisconsin
-River kayaking Colorado, rafting Nepal, West Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Costa Rica
-Spelunking in the Midwest and some in Colorado.
-High points of twenty-two states, including Colorado, Washington, and California.
-Scuba certified; diving in Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali, Bonaire, BVI, Cayman Islands

-Visited 40 countries


2 Responses to Outdoor Resume

  1. Ishwinder says:

    OMG! I simply love your profile! I hope 10 years down the line I could gather as much experience and have a an impressive something like your blog here! I am so proud of the fact that there is somebody out there in the world who gives so much value to experience and is not fine with walking into a boring office everyday!!! Thanks for sharing all this! It is really truly amazingly inspiring!

  2. Michaelcamy says:

    Life is not everlasting. Of course, this is a well known fact, but do we often remember about it? How can we find out the significance of life staying at the same place? They say if you don’t like the place where you are – move, you’re not a tree after all. By the same principle, I want to say that traveling – is an important component of happy life. Let’s not waste life in vain but explore this wonderful earth glob! It remains to take a step, just click secrets of the planet and you will see all the riches of our world which are near to us. Very often various natural anomalies are just at arm’s length, but we can’t find time for the connection with nature. begin reading not fashion journals but brochures with travelling tips. A well known poem says “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…” Let’s change our life!

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