High Points trip including SC, KY, and GA, attempt at NC

January 11, 2010

Lisa and I took a five day “engagement-moon” road trip to the south over New Year’s 2010. One of my projects is to summit the highest point in all 50 states, and a few continents and countries as well. We stayed with some good friends in Indianapolis the first night, then the second day drove to Asheville, NC where we stayed again with friends up in the mountains – celebrating New Years by lighting off a bunch of firecrackers with their five year old and playing dino board games, much fun and laughter had by all. Turns out that in the winter most of these southern state high points are closed to vehicle traffic, and most being drive-ups, this complicated our task.  Read the rest of this entry »


Speeding tickets, Fall colors, North Carolina

November 9, 2007

My buddy Bryan and I drove from Asheville to Roanoke yesterday to meet with a money manager.  I went down a few days early to hang out with Bryan and his family.  We were up at 6 to play racquetball, then drove four hours to Roanoke Virginia.  The colors were absolutely stunning – reds, oranges, yellows, and greens – all shades.  And big rolling hills and mountains.  Bryan got pulled over and made a heroic exit off the highway to avoid the police, but was unsuccessful.  $200 dollar ticket for 87 in a 65.  I took over driving and dropped the speed significantly to the mid 70s.  But I STILL got pulled over!  For 74 in a 65!  So two tickets in one short trip.  Anyways we made it to our appointment safely, and 3 hours back to Charlotte and a plane flight back to Chicago and all is well. 

Asheville was very cool – all about lifestyle, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.  Loved it there.

After rockclimbing so much last week and craning my head to look up, I have a bruise or weird pain on the back of my head and neck.  Yesterday it seemed to spread to the side of my head and face and was a numbness and slight pain.  And have gotten a bunch of bumps on my cheek.  My buddy Spencer is a doctor and happened to call last night – shingles it sounds like, or just something that will go away in time.  I do have red itchy bumps on the backs of both legs too, not sure what that’s from.  Weird. 

Down in Asheville for work and fun

November 7, 2007

I’m down in Asheville North Carolina for a few days visiting a buddy and doing some work with him.  So beautiful here – kayaking is so much a part of the culture it seems.  And climbing and mountain biking and wilderness.  My friend and his family live in a big beautiful home up on a mountain with a big yard and a gorgeous view and still like 5 minutes from town – such a cool setup.  Love the successful trader lifestyle!