I write this blog to tell about my life.  I think it is an unusual one and who knows, maybe people will find my exploits entertaining?  Or interesting?  Inspire people to go out and have adventures and fun and stretch and challenge themselves?  Be healthier? Live better? We’ll see how it goes.

I love to have adventures – I’m an avid climber, sailor, mountain biker, hiker, road-tripper, international traveller… and on and on.  I like to do cool stuff.  And as much of it and as often as possible.  Interesting and/or weird things happen to me fairly often, and I embrace them and think it’ll be fun to tell about them.  I’m in an office most days – and can always use a break from work.  Though most years since 2008 I have managed to take at least twelve weeks off.

The highlights of what I have done are: travelled the world for 6.5 months, own a sailboat in Chicago, host bachelorette parties on my boat, have a successful business involved in trading and investing, climbed some major mountains in the Himalayas, Andes, the US, and Kilimanjaro in Africa, teach rock climbing part-time at a gym, kayak, ski, do triathlons, fish, surf, etc etc.  If it’s fun or new or interesting or adventurous, I’m in.


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  1. JT says:

    Nice! keep it up – Chicago? You need to be kiteboarding man – great wind and water! one more arrow in your action quiver. Careful though, it’s addicting!

  2. My name is Garrett Peabody and I run an ice climbing club just north of Ann Arbor. There are pictures posted with additional information at Facebook/ Peabody Ice Climbing Club. We have two ice towers, one 60ft and 45ft tall, a heated clubhouse, rental gear, and can provide instruction to anyone interested. There is day as well as night climbing. We have ran this venue for 4 years, opened it up to the public and groups this year for outings to help with insurance costs. It has been a great tool for us to improve our skills for real climbing and a great experience and intro for people new to the sport.

    Contact me by e mail or phone at 810-908-1735 with any questions.



  3. Ryan says:

    After reading about your good times at Kettle Moraine-Northern Unit, a few buddies and I have decided to replicate your trip. Which shelter do you recommended we hike to? Also, did your group use snow-shoes/would they be helpful on that hike. If you could let me know any information at all, I’d really appreciate (IE: where did you guys park and which trailhead did you start at?). Thanks a bunch!

  4. Peter says:

    URGENT! We would like to use your photo of sailing in the North Channel for a non-profit organization’s 2012 calendar. We can’t pay for it, but we can send you several copies of the calendar if you give us your permission.

    Please call me asap to discuss. Thanks!

    — Peter Kobs 269-962-1830

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