Roadtrip 2016 Colorado Plateau, Utah, Hanksville, Durango, Indian Ruins, Sand Dunes, 3 kids under 4

We had 2 weeks between homes so hit the road, headed west then south then east then north, lots of cool and fun experiences.  Generally I’d work in the mornings while Lisa hung with the kids, then we’d do something fun like a hike or adventure in the afternoon, then drive 2-3 hours while the kids slept to the next destination.  Tons of fun and not as stressful as you might think with three kids under 4, including a 6 week old.

First we rolled west averaging like 85 mph all the way out to Green River Utah to meet my old buddy Scott and his family, who had cruised in his westy (so cool he has one too) all the way from Sacramento California.

Trimmer family roadtrip 2016

We found a canyon, Black Dragon Canyon, right off I70 – no exit, just stop and drive off the freeway onto a dirt road.  Nutty.  Then we rolled as the road got rougher and rougher into a super cool huge canyon, totally unoccupied by anyone but us.  All the kids ran around and had a blast together as we stopped the van and hiked through the canyon, with wall rising steeply and blocking much of the sun on both sides.

Amazing trip 🙂




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