Old dad’s are the happiest dads

I had my kids starting at 42 and have been really joy filled since without much downside if any in my well being,  it’s all been huge upside. Seems it is proven to make you happier having kids as an old dad,  plus I have higher education:

“Parents who are highly educated or have their first children between the ages of 35 and 49 show the strongest gains in happiness around the birth of their children.

For these parents, happiness gained when they became parents was sustained over the long-term.”

And again “The fact that among older and better-educated parents, well-being increases with childbearing” 

Got those from here.  Dr.  Rachel Margolis did the study. 

Nice to see as I’ve been sort of amazed at how good the whole marriage/family thing has been for me.  Considering so many people complain about it.  I think some other factors are that I work for myself and make my hours and make a decent living,  have a really easy going wife who I find very attractive as evidenced by our 4th kid on the way,  our just moving to Colorado,  my wonderful parents and parents in law who are all happily married, lots of good lifelong friends, living my dream of moving to Colorado and doing lots and lots of work on self improvement and learning to focus my brain on the good and how to best think for a pleasant life.  And exercise and healthy eating and avoiding gluten has made a big difference in my well being.  And the book the big leap where he makes the case that it is OK for everything to go great all the time. And regular church attendance and a belief in God. 

Life is amazing. 🙂 


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