Hike to scope out Eldorado mountain route with Ginny

Drove up Eldorado Canyon and turned left just before town,  past a yoga ashram and the Eldorado mountain trailhead is there. But no marked trail all the way to the summit. Myself and my 2 year old daughter made the trek,  ginny snoozing the majority of the uphill away on my back after maybe 20 minutes of super fun goofy banter. Such as hey cows! Look at the cows,  they’re saying hello,  cows you be quiet,  time out for you cow! 

Soon after Ginny sacked out I saw a deer,  always fun. Should be able to see him in the pic below. 

I followed the trails to Mickey mouse wall, ending up on a train tracks,  having watched the one astray a day roll by from not too far below the rails.  

Looking at the map, seemed much washer around to the south through a long tunnel.  The topo said so but I wanted to see for sure. I trudged through the dark oily smelling tunnel,  glimpsed a bit of light glinting off steel in the distance,  as the tunnel turned a bit. It was somewhat spooky. Emerging into daylight on the other side my map reading skills were proven correct and it was indeed much more gradual way to the top. But no trail I could see.  We headed back down the trail. 

Round trip was around 3.5 hours. 

I’m all excited to mountain climb again.  Have done bear and green (2200 and 2800 feet elevation gains) in the last week,  14er coming up on Tuesday. Love the mountains and looking at them and knowing I’ve stood on the summit. 

More goofing around on the way down made for a fabulous morning. 


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