Funny words my kids say

3.5 yrs Ev

Ka-roy = la Croix

Lellow = yellow

1.5 yrs Ginny

Pokkern = popcorn

Subble = shovel

Cat named sugar goes by sug- Ginny “dug”

Up air gen – up there again

Bower – flower

El me yad – help me dad

Beenit – bandaid

I yunny ose – I have a runny nose

Boon is balloon or byoon
Poon is spoon

Token oil – coconut oil

Scude – screwdriver

Ginny 2.5:



Apoy- La Croix

Ginny “I no want pickles on my pamilla ice cweam ”

Ginny: Pickles on ice cream??  Sprinkles!!  Sounded like pickles.

Ginny 2 ” I no see he”

Ginny is telling me she likes ice cream and pickles. Translated = sprinkles, pinkles

Ginny – I like familla ice cream

Ginny 3 yrs – when candy all gone, claimed a ghost ate it all and she was so scared she ran away. That same cold halloween after trick or treating 6 or 8 houses snuggled up in the stroller under the blanket and hood down, we assumed she was cold – all candy eaten!!

Ginny doll very sick, “she has a bad femur” (fever)

Ginny – elphalint (elephant)

Hope 20 months:  Beebuh (zebra)

Hope 22 months: for weeks after a smokey bear visit during our Xmas tree cutting in the national forest where she wouldn’t get within 15 feet of the park service Smokey character: “Mokey beaw.  Give mokey yug.  Sit mokey yap.”



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