Trip to Chicago to ready the Imjatse for sale

Headed to Chicago for a quick 2 day trip to clean up the Imjatse and get her ready for sale. Good times with my boat partner Aaron as always. Crashed at his place after a solid afternoon of work. Goofed around the next day in the morning seeing Ryan for breakfast at our usual spot, Nookies, worked at my old coffee shop for a bit, had lunch downtown with Adam and saw his new prop shop, worked on the boat painting the bottom and taking videos, then to Drews for BBQ on his back porch then dropped car at Aarons and walked to the blue line back to ohare. Bam!!

I miss Chicago and all my friends and family and all the activities we had going on all the time. I don’t miss the noise.  The El train is crazy loud.  I got honked at repeatedly, I’m not used to the Chicago pace any more!!  And I don’t remember it being so crowded… or the traffic so crazy and congested.  Really after 2 days I am ready to be back in colorado.  Quite a happy discovery, heading back to my idyllic boulder life.  Really good stuff.






One Response to Trip to Chicago to ready the Imjatse for sale

  1. danna s says:

    Are you interested in selling any of your sailing photos? I found one of yours dated July, 2008 that is outstanding and I’m looking for a photo of the Mackinac Island/Chicago race for a friend who is retiring. Just curious if you would sell me the image?

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