Colorado winter weather is way better than you think

People always comment on how rough the winter must be when I mention I live in Boulder or Colorado.  Which is hilarious as it is super sunny.  300 days of sun a year.  That means it is sunnier than San Diego for example.  Also, the snow usually melts within a day or two after even a big storm.  Dry air makes the cold feel far less cold than say in Chicago.  40 out easily feels like 50 and more than 50 in the sun.  Colorado’s front range (Denver boulder Colorado Springs Fort Collins) will often get 60 and even 70 degree days in January and February.  Albeit followed sometimes by 20 degrees and snowing.  But 60 degrees and sunny in January doesn’t make the news.  Today is February 26th,  allegedly right in the teeth of winter.  I am having lunch on the gorgeous patio of Sherpa’s in west end Boulder.  Stunning.  They aren’t even serving inside today, February 27th.


They aren't even serving inside today

And have a look at the 10 day forecast from the middle of winter.  Not the Colorado you’ve heard about eh?



One Response to Colorado winter weather is way better than you think

  1. Tadd says:

    Wow. Who would have figured. Good to know.

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