Hike with kiddos and mother in law

My mother in law is awesome.  She flew out to Colorado the day our 3rd girl was born to help out for a couple weeks.  She’s a great motivation, walking to the gym and working out each morning, eating breakfast outside regardless of weather, enjoying her grandkids, helping cook and clean, laughing and joking and generally adding a great vibe to our home.

Today we took the two oldest out for a hike and then to swim class to give my wife some time alone with our 3 day old baby.  I was excited to show janet red rocks trail near our house.  My oldest scrambled off the trail up a fairly steep secrion to a high ridge.  Janet followed behind holding Ginny’s hand and looked a bit apprehensive at the top.


I had told her a few minutes before not to expect an intense hike – and then she asked if I knew she was afraid of heights!!  Whoops! 


We goofed around up there and ev had to have the first of 3 mucusy  poops (I was worried but lisa said it is from all the new baby breastfeeding milk she’d been having which is designed to move muconium out of the fresh baby’s system).  Also funny red rocks seems to act as a laxative for ev, seems every time were there she takes a dump.  Anyways we headed further up the trail and the two kiddos walked 97% of the entire hike, up and down, and it’s pretty steep in sections. 


I was proud as could be.  We were nearly sweating at one point in the sun and with the temps being around 65 – impressive for mid february.


We enjoyed the view of rhe city and ev wanted to do more climbing but we had to get back for swim lessons.  Gorgeous day and hike, definitely hit it if you’re in boulder.  Parking is always easy.  It is on canyon at the far west end of pearl street where the two streets meet, just as canyon heads up into the mountains.


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