New baby girl, number three

Had a new baby girl at 5am saturday.  Such an amazing experience.  My wife is a Rockstar and had it with no drugs using hypno birthing techniques to meditate through labor and the actual pushing.  Not that there wasn’t a lot of yelling involved during the actual pushing contractions!

She listens well to her body and had contractions more and more frequently Saturday night.  Around 1am after much discussion I called my new buddy bryan  who was a total rockstar and emphatic that he wanted to help and would be available and was super excited about it.  We had various other offers but bryan seemed most serious.  He lives up in the mountains about 15 minutes away so I called, took two tries to wake him, then he was fired up, woke his 7 and 10 year olds up, loaded his dog in the car and headed to our place as lisa and I got our gear together. He showed up at 130 am and I gave him the rundown, adrenaline must have been pumping as I told him the Internet password like 4 different times for some reason.  Then we were off in the westy as we’ve taken to the hospital for all our births.  Logic being we could have the baby in it, or lisa can labor on all fours if need be.  She labored like a champ, hardly a sign of pain, going deep into meditation through the contractions.  All was calm as we checked in and walked up the stairs to our room.  Got along well with the nurse who hooked us up with a giant corner suite.  What a different vibe than the giant chicago city hospital we’d been to for our first two.  Labored in the room, then into a tub in another room,


then lisa felt herself getting hot and figured transition was coming so we walked slowly back to the room, pausing every so often as she had a contraction.  Cords and monitor dangling behind – had to as she was a vbac.  All was so quiet and just one or two or no people with us during labor and no paging or extra lights, all calm and peaceful in the hospital.  Amazing midwife Claudia helped us deliver and gave very quiet coaching ideas, such as not so tense in your hips, feel free to push, you’re doing great, etc.  The pain and yelling got more and more intense over a out an hour or so, I stayed up by Lisa’s head and encouraged her and held her hand and pressed on her back by her hips as she asked.  She was on all fours for the delivery.  Next thing you know the baby was out.  They had me have a look and seeing the huge umbilical cord I said it’s a boy, nurse said how about have another look I said it’s a girl!  And next thing you know baby was on Lisa’s chest as the nurses towels off the white cottage cheese goo from her.  She was gorgeous and I was overcome by happiness seeing all her toes and fingers intact and all else perfect. 


What a joy.  I wiped the tears from my eyes and took it all in.  She cried a bit and they suctioned stuff from her mouth repeatedly.  All was well.  She was born at 512am on Valentine’s day 2016.  Pretty spectacular entry.

Bryan and crew watched the girls until about 9 or 10 when I got home and took over, they were th rolled and had had a great time, the 7 year old daughter coco having stayed up most of the night playing with ginny who was pretty upset.  Bryan at one point drove her around so people could sleep.  Ev played with the dog clooney.  They all had a great time and it was so massively appreciated.  Then I took the girls to meet their new sister, they couldn’t get enough both on the bed with their mom poking and admiring the baby. What a moment.


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