After preschool winter fun idea

Ev asked I pick her up from preschool in the morning in so I happily obliged.  It’s always amusing to roll into the line of cars in my super bright green 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia camper van amongst all the more staid gray and dark gray minivans.  Ev was deposited in her seat joyfully and full-on energy by her happy and upbeat teacher Mr Tom and I signed her out per usual.   I asked if she wanted to go home or hiking g or what.  She said something about juices and I deciphered and confirmed she wanted to hit Zeal the juice bar.  Just a couple blocks from school we parked and wandered over there. 


"I like this one Daddy"

Had a seat at the bar along the window, super nice hostess brought us crayons and a terific waitress took great care of us.  She asked how everything was at one point and I said “great, juice is great, service is great, company is great” nodding at Ev.


We finished up and headed home in 60 degree sunny weather in mid february, lisa on the front porch and Ginny running around.


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