Solid day of work – on the slopes

Met a long time business partner up at beaver creek today.  Time really well spent, we have a whole bunch of joint ventures going on and was great to strategies and talk through how to grow the various ventures.  Skied beaver creek, great day, sunny, lots of groomera.  Gave me a solid mountain high, love it.  Amazing to be able to do a ski meeting… what a great place to live.  I totally missed my kids though!  Not as fun as it used to be when I was single as i often wish i was with my family now.  A good thing for sure.  Funny to have happen, and for sure skiing with buddies and business partners is still great 🙂

And update here – I got home around 1:30 am said a quick hi to my wife who had both kids in bed with her and crashed in the guest room. A few minutes later I hear a faint “daddy?” I go in and ginny is sitting up in bed, I pick her up and we gives me the most massive hug, and I carry her around for 15 minutes or so hugging her and singing a lullaby then when she’s ready take her back to her mommy. Amazing.



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