Summit Torquensnorter peak with 1.5, 3, and 70 year old

Walked from my folks Tucson place to the summit of Torquensnorter peak (trailhead is across the street from the bashas entrance off kolb before you get to sunrise) the closest and most visible peak from my folks front patio, see below view.  Just home and some cactus needle removal from the three year old is in process in the foreground.


Really cool especially for a hike right from the house, great trail, lots of saguaros, tanque verdes, choyas, and all sorts of other desert flora.  I’ve also seen a big group of javelinas on the top before.  Super fun hike with my girls and pop.  They did amazing hiking most of it, up and down. About a half mile one way, mile round trip. Terrific kids hike and adults for that matter, rarely anyone else there. Probably a quarter mile from the trailhead to the summit.


Ginny on the way up

When we got to summit we had snacks and ev and ginny played house.


And with pop on the summit


And then headed back down, ginny ran a bunch of it, laughing.  Both girls were total pleasures with great attitudes.


And a stop and piazza gabis for cold lemonades topped the outing off.



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