Road trip boulder to tucson with kids

My wife packed a ton of toys and snacks and diversions for our 1.5 and 3.5 year olds, all while sporting a giant belly 4 weeks before our 3rd is due.  We could have flown but I’ve beverage driven south of Colorado springs, I was totally curious what it is like in new Mexico and Arizona and southern colorado.   We left in the afternoon around 2 to hit naps for both kiddos, made a couple more hours after they woke then some delicious “burnt cheese tacos” at the famous Hillcrest restaurant in Las Vegas new mexico.  Definitely get them.  Burnt cheese on the outside of a hard shell taco and beef and regular taco fixins inside.  Yum!  Fun old juke boxes, apparently the place was pretty hip in the 50s.


Then the kiddos fell asleep after running wild in the restaurant.  Country was beautiful to that point, over a sort of high pass, Ramon before that.


Put down another 200 miles or so cruise set at 84, my average was 80.2.  That’s moving, speed limit 75 so not too far over.

We each got the ihg credit card, amazing deal 60000 point ts and platinum elite status just for having the card.  Great app you can just hit find close hotels and bam, a nice list and the cost in $ and in points.  We booked one on our way in to Truth or Consequences, a town named after the game show that was created by a fellow who lived there.  Great holiday Inn and we were upgraded to a suite, very cool.  We were also offered a goodie bag or 500 points.

Yum breakfast, I worked In The biz room and made a cave with a sheet and blankets for ev while mama and ginny snooze a couple more hours, they needed it both being sick.


The girls swam while I worked some more, then I joined them, super fun.  Then on the road at 11:30.

Zillion  questions from the kids, I was passenger in the morning, much easier for me without a big ol belly to turn around and help them.

Rolled thru hatch, Lisa was excited to see it, famous for chiles apparently.

Good livin, so much fun!  Tucson in 4 hours or so.


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