How to pass an emissions test with an 85 westy

So just having moved to Colorado we need new plates and to get them we need an emissions test.  Rolled out to the station with the westy and waited in line and finally pulled into the stall.  I got out and gave the lady my gas cap key and asked “what are the chances she’ll pass?”
The lady paused a moment and said slowly “well, some of them do.”  Not encouraging.

The dude did the test while I watched a but apprehensive as he’s doing however many miles an hour on 2 steel rollers and I always worry the westy is about to blow up somehow, and had visions of her catching a tire and


careening through the shop.  Fortunately that didn’t happen.

Another lady finally called me out of the waiting chamber and I said excitedly “what’s the verdict?!”  She pulled up the report and we had passed!  In fact she showed me the numbers for CO and the others, saying they were some of the best numbers she’s seen.  “They usually get you on the CO, the limit is 5, you’re just over 2”  I slapped her on the back in joy and told her “I’ll have to tell my mechanic, he’s excellent.”

I do have a sneaking suspicion that a leaky muffler needing replacement may have worked in our favor, though it was a tiny leak so who knows. My mechanic is excellent.


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