Hiking Genesee moutain in winter

I half heartedly was rolling up to ski with spencer in Breck on a workday in the westy. I got up a little past Genesee and stopped at a Starbucks to whip out the laptop and bang out some work. Turns out more to do than I expected so I ended up having lunch at illegal burger, good but not $12 with fries good. Spence was skiing with his fam anyways and the westy goes so slow up the pass, down to as much as 30mph so I was looking at a couple more hours on the road.  My new habit is hike or bike 3 mornings and hit the gym 2, 30 minutes is the hike target, 15 up and however many down.  Short but at least I am getting out there.  I hit this amazing app alltrails and looked up the closest hike that seemed shortish and found Genesee mountain.  I drove to it, maybe 5 minutes away and just off I70.  The road was shut off a good ways before the summit for “back to nature” happens early December a fellow told me. You can actually drive to the summit in summer.  I missed the trailhead but good thing the road was closed as I got to walk it.  Took 20 minutes or so crunching through the snow but the trail was clear.  Looped around the backside of the mountain on the road and then came down the trail on the front side ofr a bit then back on the road right to my amazing westy.


Maybe 5 minutes from the summit by foot

And then the summit from the closed to cars parking lot.


Not sure what a flagstaff is, probably a flag pole which is at the top

And from the summit


Flag pole base and denver in the distance

And some deer I saw on the return.


Saw only two people the whole time, and they were just at the very end.  Had the whole place to myself.  Fell to my knees in the snow at the summit and prayed, feeling massive gratitude for the beauty and my life and health and all.


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