Breck with my bro

I have a sister but not a brother and always wanted one.  Turns out my best bud felt the same and also doesn’t have a brother.  So we are essentially brothers, have gone through life together since we were 5 and met in kindergarden.  Then Indian guides is where we really cemented our friendship with a mutual love of the outdoors and adventure.  Our families became friends.  We went to different high schools but hung out every weekend and some weeknights all through high school.  We’d visit each other at college and have been on a ton of trips and adventures together all over the country and world.  We make an effort to stay in touch and visit with our families regularly.  Quite cool going through life together.  Below is our latest good time skiing for a couple days in breckenridge Colorado hitting some steep, bumpy terrain.


And exhilaration at the awesomeness of what we’re doing and our surroundings.



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