How to have One wipe every time

With a butt sprayer thing, not really a bidet, better.  We actually got it to spray off cloth diapers but it works great for post-dump cleanup which I discovered to my delight.  Really I don’t think even need one wipe, only need to wipe to dry off.  I love it, now sort of abhor taking dumps outside of my own house.  I’ve always thought it crazy that we clean off with dry paper.  That doesn’t get it clean.  The sprayer for sure does, every time.  Stick it between my legs, aim it, and in 5 seconds it’s done.  Amazing, total pleasure.  Takes maybe 15 minutes to hook up to your toilet, 40 bucks on  amazon.  Here’s the one I have.

Another option is kid baby wipes, similar to one wipe Charlies but much cheaper.



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