Back country skiing at butler gulch

Super easy to find the trailhead, just take the exit to berthoud pass/winter park off I70 pass empire and just as 40 turns right and heads uphill take the left and follow it to the end. There is a lot at the mine but you can drive past it.

4 guys, we got suited up and headed up the trail. First mile or so I carried my skis as I am pretty sure it is more efficient, feels easier to me anyways than having however many pounds strapped to my feet every step.  Eventually I put my skis with the skins on and also uphill.  Really a great walk in the woods on a clear trail.  After maybe 45 minutes or an hour we got above treeline.  We skied uphill another 20 minutes or so, could have gone a good bit further but it was super windy and my buddy’s puppy was freezing.


Skiing uphill

The powder was great, not untracked but plenty of fresh tracks.



Clooney the rescue puppy was amazing, kept up easily and had a great time.
Very safe skiing as in low avalanche danger, plus it is hard to get lost as the gulch all flushes back down to the parking lot so you can wander into the trees in various spots and be confident you’ll come back out tot he main trail.

Great skiing. My buddy’s preferred it over hanging valley and flat top.


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