Can I take a 3 year old on a zipline?

Heck yeah!  Did it in Costa Rica.  Took some talking the guides into letting me take her with me, they wanted her to go with them.  After some convincing of my ziplining experience they assented. 


Zipping through the jungle with a 3 year old

It was super fun for me, ev thought it was cool but wasn’t particularly scared nor excited, sort of ho hum.  Was sort of amazing.  The other zipliners were quite impressed.  Especially at the end, they had a giant swing where you were in free fall for a few seconds and all the adults including me let out quite hearty screams.  Ev, no big deal.

Got the adrenaline pumping for me, that’s for sure.

Great time.


First platform


Chilling on the platform way up in the air, nbd

The resort was blue river mountain resort just north of Liberia.



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