Flamingo point 4 wheel drive trail and flat tire

Ev and I took off for a quick tour of flamingo beach and point while the others napped. We drove out to the end of the point and we’re sort of sandwiched between estates with a stunning but only 180 degree view of the ocean, mountains, and islands.  Here is a shot, pretty amazing.


Good stuff

But I had heard there was a 360 degree view and was going to find it.  We backtracked only 20 yards or so and there was a super steep dirt road.  Ev was scared and said so.  I dropped our little Suzuki into 4wd and gunned it up the slope, bouncing and careening with little room for error, into a hairpin turn and boom, we were at the top, nothing but trees and some building equipment and incredible views in all directions. 


At the tippy top 360 degree views


Then perhaps the sketchiest part, turning around with a 4 or 5 point turn without backing off any of the cliffs surrounding us.  Managed to pull it off and also make the hairpin turn.

Alas I did something wrong or just had payback for my good fortune in the form of a flat tire… but made the best of it and had a great time with my huge helper ev who loved every bit of it and was right in there unscrewing bolts and everything the entire process.




Big pointer – the lever to twist the lift I couldn’t find and took a zillion twists with the little wrench – come to find out the perfect tool was attached to the TOP lid of the compartment with the tools in it, duh.  5 extra seconds of searching would have saved me ten minutes I bet.


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