What is samara Costa rica like?

It’s super cool.  Bars and restaurants right on the beach.  Probably 15 of them.  It’s relatively inexpensive. Way cheaper than playa guiones, and you can eat on the beach.  Not much surf, but smaller waves fun to play in and relax and bob around in.  Chill vine, some partying but not a ton, families, singles, old folks, young folks.  We have a 2 bed room with a small pool, free super delicious breakfast, couple great big courtyards, free beach chairs already on the beach in the shade, chair cushions, beach towels all free, right across the street from the beach and great restaurants for $90 a night. 


View from lo que hay restaurant

I did a long walk on the beach to watch the sunrise.  Totally uncrowded but not desolate.  Really relaxing.


Me and to the west on the samara beach


Watching the sunrise in samara

It’s a really amazing spot.  Grocery store is close, rental cars easy.  Tons of tours to do including snorkelung, fishing, ziplining, mangrove kayaking, surfing (small waves), beach stuff, hikes, birding, at rental, Arenal daytrip.  All easy to set up.

Love it.

Also I forgot to bring any shirts from guiones, and haven’t bought one.  And have been fine at lunch, dinner, stores, and everything shirtless.  No shirt no shoes no problem.  A testament to the amazing weather and totally chill beach vibe here.


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