Where do I go to see the turtles at ostional beach?

Just as you come into town from the south there’s a small building on your left with Tortugas on it, across the street from a small shop on the right which always seems to have a few people milling around.  On nights when turtles are nesting, you park on the side of the road, go to the small building, ask for and English speaker “hablas anglais?” And pay your $8 per person.  Then a guide will escort your party out to the beach which is a short 3 minute walk or so.  Red lights only as they are not so disruptive to the animals nor human night vision for that matter.  No walking directly in front of turtles or touching them is about the only rules.  Apparently they nest all night long and up to about 8am.  It really is a stunning sight to behold, I was overcome with the power of it all.  Once a month at a low moon, every night for about a week, thousands and thousands of these ridley turtles make their slow laborious way out of the ocean up a fairly steep incline, dig a deep hole with their back legs, drop a bunch of eggs in, and slowly work their way back to the ocean, pausing for 30 seconds or more every few ‘steps’.

I was so amazed to see it live and be part of this major spectacle that has been going on for eons.  So incredible to witness it.  Something was very powerful about it.  All these female turtles going to all this effort to make sure their species is propagated.

Our guide dug out under one as she was laying so we could see the eggs dropping out of her one wet perfectly round white ball at a time.  Same size as ping pong balls.  There were a whole bunch laying around too, the turtles will often unwittingly dig up nests of other turtles, so we did touch one hopelessly discarded egg, very leathery feel to it.  They need to be buried and have the right temp for 45+ days to hatch successfully.


We wandered a ways down the beach and past many many turtles in various stages of crawling out of the water, digging holes, laying eggs, or making their way back to the water.  Really powerful stuff, 110% worth the effort to get there and do it.  A life experience. 

To get there I’d say easiest to rent a car from Alamo and drive, it is only 20 minutes or less from guiones, one small river to cross that is not a big deal.


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