What’s the best restaurant in playa guiones?

It’s La luna, hands down.  Get there well before the sun sets, reserve a table outside, and watch the sun set through the palm trees, over the ocean, next to cliffs, into crashing waves.  With a cocktail in your hand.  Relaxing on a couch.


And then with the sun setting


And some other pointers if you are staying in playa guiones, La luna is actually on playa pelada, just barely north of guiones and easily walkable.  Roll north on the beach to the end by the cliffs.


Heading to La luna with the fam

There are actually two paths, one is just past the river/lagoon, that’s not it.  Second in another couple hundred meters past that, not too hard to see between two trees with branches out over the beach.  It’s pretty short up and over onto playa pelada and then La luna is on your right pretty quick, maybe 300 meters.  Look back at the path and find some marker you’ll be able to see in the dark for the walk back.

Bring bug spray.  And bring flashlights or headlamps for the wall back.  Expect to see tons of hermit crabs on the walk back on playa pelada and a bunch of really quick white crabs scurrying around in front of you on guiones.

I ordered the kebabs which were amazing and clone with 6 different Costa Rican mini sides, fun to eat, plus delicious home fries stacked on top.  Fabulous.  Pizza is thin crust and delicious.  Kids can play on the sand or run around during dinner, seems it’s all good in Costa Rica.




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