Playa Guiones thoughts and observations

Hanging out in playa guiones near Nosara in Costa Rica for the third time.  Two week trip.  This time we flew into Liberia.  Made the trip a bit shorter by land, saved a couple hours which is great with 2 kiddos.   Drive was easy but no one way sign warning in Nicola so had to reverse, then the side streets got off the path apparently as we ended up going probably 45 minutes out of our way.  No big deal, got to see some other towns and beaches.  Stopped at a grocery store near town, got the local currnecy, colones, (500 to a dollar) at an atm by the gas station, then checked into our place.  Guiones is a cool spot.  Laid back surfer vibe.  Some partying but very low key.  Older more chill crowd.  It is not particularly cheap however, so do know that. If you want cheap Nicaragua is the place. Dirt roads with big wide potholes.  Beach dog cafe is my favorite place for breakfast and lunch and working, good Internet and tons of outlets along the bar which looks out onto the dusty road and into the jungle, good people watching.  Though distracting especially if you know people as lots of folks walking by.  Lots in Guiones terms that is.   Another interesting point to note is there is no building within 100 meters of the beach, which makes the beach gorgeous but also means a bit of a hike to the beach through various jungle paths.  Also means some decent wildlife spotting opportunities.  Beach is really big at low tide, it stretches way out.  Super flat.  Super fine sand. Lots of little crabs that are fun to catch. 

For a big night out La Luna is a nice walk down the Beach and up and over a small hill on a path to pelada beach and then a short walk down the beach and it’s right there.   Make sure you get there before sunset so you can enjoy it and bring headlamps or flashlights for the walk home.  Expect to see lots of really quick crabs after dark.

So if a laid back somewhat developed but somewhat undeveloped place that isn’t super cheap and has most amenities and lots of non-local fellow tourists and travelers, playa guiones may be a match for you.


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