Ev throws a dance party, monkeys in Guiones

Our awesome friends had us for dinner at villa belitza the beautiful house they rent just 100 feet off the beach.  It has a great deck and pool with tables and such where we ate a yum meal out in the open air that Dion the master chef cooked for three families.  After a dessert of brownies and ice cream Moses started playing tunes.  Our three year old started dancing and next thing you know had all the ladies up and rocking along with her, making up moves, them imitating her, she imitating them.  So much fun, went on for at least an hour if not more.


On the walk home through the jungle earlier in the afternoon, I stopped in the middle of the dirt road on a whim to enjoy and look around and be thankful, I don’t know why.  After a few moments, I noticed a cacophony over my head.  A dozen monkeys were spread out in a giant tree, squawking and moving around, grunting super loud occasionally as howler monkeys do.  Super cool, I had been looking all week for some and then when I least expected it, boom, there they were.



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