Fish store visit for new Preschool beta mascot

After an amazing parent teacher conference at first press in boulder for preschool, I volunteered to restock the fishtail with plants and a beta fish in the classroom. I picked up ev at school and she was so excited! I looked online and found a bunch of fish shops in Boulder, I chose the local option, aqua imports and I was not disappointed. Thriving bare bones operation with cement floors and zero flash, all business. Ev was so excited looking at all the various salt and freshwater fish. They had 8 betas to choose from all in small glass jars in varying colors. The nice gentleman let ev pick her favorite and she went with “the purple one!” Hard to beat the enthusiasm of a 3 year old. We looked at a bunch of snakes and wandered and picked out some plants as well. No suckered fish nor snails tho so back we get to go to fulfill our order from miss Wendy. Which is a total pleasure. Starving as I was after picking ev up at 12:30 we drove back to school and met up with miss Wendy and helped clean out the tank and put Mr beta into his new home, hopefully pleasing little kiddos for years to come. Ev was thrilled.


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