24 things I love about #Pekoe Tea (the one near Ideal Market in Boulder)

1. The friendly chill people working there with easy smiles and great attitudes
2. The smiles when I come in each day
3. The standing tables
4. The free easy water
5. The sample tea available every day – sometimes two types
6. The Blueberry Noosa with “the works” – chia, almonds, coconut shavings, granola, fresh banana all for $4.08
7. They help with choosing tea if you ask – they’ll help you find exactly what you like in a tea and if not they will create it for you
8. Yoav – the super cool multi-store manager. So nice and helpful and customer focused. One of his employees called him an angel behind his back 🙂
9. Outdoor sunny patio with a great view, south facing for year round sun
10. Views of the flatirons
11. The other regulars
12. All the yummy gluten free options for food
13. The gluten free streusel
14. Too many unique and amazing teas to list – will do that in another post
15. Super fast internet
16. The generous frequent customer card
17. The artisan hot chocolate
18. The daily fresh baked in store gluten free chocolate chip cookies for only a dollar
19. That I always feel welcome
20. All the amazing unique teas
21. There is no guys bathroom, there is a women’s bathroom and an everybody bathroom – so smart
22. The music – not too loud, not too soft. 23. Relaxing, fun, happy vibe.
24. Compostable spoons


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