Donate blood First timer – to reduce my ferritin and iron levels

First time blood donor! It went great, I was nervous but felt great after and no big deal during. Though a finger pick before and a bunch of reciting my info and a long questionnaire on an ipad, but all in all an easy and pleasant experience. And the actual blood-pulling or whatever lasted only 7 minutes, and was not a big deal though my arm fell asleep which is normal I was told by my super nice and fun phlebotomist Kim. I’d highly recommend doing it. I rode my bike there and got a ride home which they recommended as a 1st timer just in case I passed out or something. All seems well now 4 hours or so later.

There was a poster on the wall of Victor, a total champion of blood donation clocking in at a whopping 68 gallons and counting. Insane. And a big poster of folks that have donated over 100 times.

Free water snacks and tea, yum. Love fee stuff but there was a note about it being non profit and taking it easy so I’ll do that next time.

My ferritin levels are quite high so looks like I need to go the max which is every 56 days, so I’ll head back in January for another blood letting session.

All men should get tested for iron levels, it is super common for guys to be high as we don’t have any way to get rid of it aside from losing skin and other cells. And it wreaks havoc on most internal organs, being linked to diabetes and alzheimers and other bad stuff.

So we’ll see how long it takes for me to get my levels down and if I feel a bunch better.

I found out I had high ferritin after doing an extensive blood test on, I’m so happy I did it otherwise I’d have no idea as iron is not a normal test done, though it definitely should be.


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