I ran over a can of paint, how do I get the paint off my car?

I was in Wilmington NC last week visiting an old buddy.  He’s a doc and was gracious enough to let me use his truck while he went to work.  Pulling out from the Wilmington GI center I noticed a can of paint on the road with white tire tracks protruding from it in all directions.  I pulled out and tried to avoid the can but ran smack over it.  I saw tracks in the rear view mirror for at least 100 yards, pretty fun really.  Until I got back to his place and saw that whit paint was ALL OVER the side of the truck, the tires, the wheel wells.  Just like splattered mud.  Except it was paint.  I scraped at it with a finger nail and it did come off begrudgingly, so I was encouraged.  I envisioned a long day of painful fingers slowly scraping the paint off, inch by hard won inch.  I showed Spencer and he wasn’t too concerned, but I figured best to take care of it if I could.  The next day I searched on google maps for a self serve car wash.  I wandered to two or three car washed claiming to be self serve that weren’t, getting farther and farther from the house until I found one that would work.  It was pointed out by a regular car wash guy who told me I’d need to get some harsh chemicals from the store and let it sit and I was looking at it taking the better part of a day he told me.  I also considered a body shop – how much that would cost who knows.



Much to my surprise, the pre-soak high pressure soap sprayer worked like a champ!!  I had to go slowly over bit by bit but the paint peeled off cleanly under pressure.  Far faster than my fingernails could do.


After I was nearly done (seven dollars later) I switched to high pressure rinse – which is even higher pressure than the pre-soak – my guess is that the rinse would have been faster and even more effective for any of you looking at taking care of the same issue on your car.

Had to share – hopefully this will help out somebody out there on the planet!

Here’s the finished product – which was all the more pleasing to my buddy – based on his comment of “Looks great – especially considering I’ve never washed it.”  He’s owned it five years.



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