Wedding on a horse Farm in Kentucky

Very cool wedding in Kentucky last weekend, the horse farm was just outside Louisville, called Hermitage.  Fabulous people and a total blast.  Incredibly beautiful setting for the ceremony, on a slight hill overlooking horse pastures.  The groom had an accident about six months ago and was told he’d never walk again, and bam, after some serious prayers and hard hard work and tons of effort, he is able to crutch around, and managed to stand for his whole ceremony and even danced with his wife and managed to stand on the dance floor and shake around, he made it super fun and was really inspiring to me.  How hard for me to get out of bed and go for a run?  Versus him who almost everything is a massive effort, including an hour in the morning going to the bathroom, getting out of bed I’m sure is a struggle, going anywhere in a wheelchair takes that much extra time and effort.  I am amazed constantly by his attitude.  Not that it isn’t a big deal for him, but it just is what it is and he’s pushing through, he has goals, he makes progress incrementally, and he goes after it.  Really amazing.  He’s the same person, just with a temporary injury.  Would you believe he’s climbing the Willis (Sears) Tower this weekend??  The week after his wedding.  He’s done 616 stairs at his best, the Tower is 2000 steps.  Incredibly cool, check Chip’s blog out here.

We went down Friday for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, I’m very glad we did as we got ot meet all the Maier family, our good friends Stephen Maier (wife Leah) is from a family of seven kids in California, all very cool.  I’ve met several and got to meet the rest.  Deborah is a sponsored runner, just out of college, she’s that fast.  Beth is now a nun, Sister Mary Benedicta.  Stephen and Leah have quit their jobs and are going to do start a business in Kazakhstan.  Jonathan lives in San Diego and surfs when he likes.  Really amazing folks.  I spoke with their dad – he said “people ask if we’re Catholic or Mormon, I tell them we’re not, we just had a lot of kids.  My wife loves babies.”

Went for a really cool hike in Cherokee Park – like a central park in NY, but bigger I believe.  Lots of fun and good to exercise, did that Saturday morning.  We also walked up and checked out the four bridges across the river, pretty interesting it was built in the 1800s and 40+ people were killed building it.

Long drive back with the little kiddo, she did some screaming, Lisa my champion wife nursed her for hours in the carseat.  We stopped by and saw my good friend Terri from college and met their new addition they adopted from China, the amazing and super cute 5 year old Tai.  then back to Chicago, another terrific weekend.


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