Menacing alligator from a kayak and swamp business

Went to Florida Saturday night until Monday night for ‘work’ as in introducing a good buddy to another good buddy, both of whom have been to 99+ countries.  How many friends do you have that have done that?  Not many I wouldn’t think.  And both are hugely into self improvement and introspection.  And both have had a good deal of success and they both have deals for the other to invest in.  I told my one Florida friend, we’ll call him FLA, that SWE wanted to visit.  FLA and SWE had met once before, and FLA lives on a huge pretty lake near Orlando, he invited us to go kayaking, and to enjoy lunch prepared by his personal chef before.  Massively healthy lunch, kale, salmon, tomato, avocado.  Yum yum.  Then off we went into the kayaks and paddled away the afternoon, across the lake, through a meandering river, to a lake to another river, to another lake. Image Looking for ‘swamp people’, gators, and other wildlife.  ImageFLA often does business from his jetski.  So good for you being in the wilderness like that.  It’s proven – love the Outside article about it.  When we came back to the house – after seeing a ten foot alligator swimming near us that is which is an enormous gator when you are at water level with it – and a thunderstorm and lightning which seemed to swerve and miss us at the last moment, off we went in FLA’s Tesla Model S – friggin amazing car.  Super fast. Image Squawked the tires at 50 mph when he gunned it.  No lag when you hit the gas at all.  Always fully charged in the morning.  Amazing 17 inch display with a beautiful interface.  Sound goes to 11 in a Spinal Tap movie reference.  Very well made. ImageHeck of a car, I’ve been a giant fan of Elon Musk’s for years now.  I could go on and on about him, huge fan.  Zip2, Paypal, Tesla, Solar City, Spacex, and he’s only 41 years old.  Wow. 

Somehow I managed to be massively (one hour) late for the meeting – I was stressed out or something.  One full hour late.  I could not for the life of me make a correct turn, plus my phone and thus GPS and Google Maps were dead, but I swear Florida’s highways don’t make it easy on a guy.  I often rely on my quite good if I dare say, sense of direction, but with a cloudy sky and no sun to help guide me, I was totally turned around and repeatedly made wrong turns, only discovered when I would stop and plug my phone in.  Anyways I finally made it.

That night met another trader at the hotel introduced to me by SWE and his friend.  Then dinner with the Swedes, off to bed, breakfast.  At the Hilton, very nice place to stay especially coming from the Ramada where I was the night before.

Here’s a shot of the sunset from the plane as I was heading to Florida. Image

The last day I had time to kill and went to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. ImageDidn’t go in as all I had was 30 minutes or so on account of getting lost again, so I snapped a pic and was back on the road.  I was given a black Crown Vic, Starsky and Hutch car as FLA called it.

Hit the Discovery Church Sunday morning too, fun and insightful and cool to see how others do it. Image

Good trip, I was a bit nervous.  Need to chill.  Ever read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks?  Excellent book.  I must have been overwhelmed by the success around me or something, need to build up my mind more to handle more success.


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