Colorado ski trip to the Beav and Vail with Spence

My best buddy since age five called a few months ago and invited me to go skiing with he and his doctor friends from Wilmington NC.  I readily agreed as I had had zero ski trips this season and how’s guy supposed to get by in life with zero ski trips I ask you?  I booked the flight and the weekend came, off to Colorado from Midway.  A couple of hours after I arrived the Wilmington physician crew arrived.  Solid dudes and a great time goofing around with them.  We spent the night in Boulder with Spencer’s family, my second family since I was 5 years old.  Then off to the mountains in the Volvo they let us use, I got to drive and rocket us up I-70 after the beautiful drive down 39 from Boulder to Golden, right along the foothills and past the former nuclear warhead site, Rocky Flats.  As we rolled up into the mountains I was so excited showing things off and pointing out various mountains and buffalo, they began to give me a hard time as it seems I would point and the car would go in that direction, not inspiring confidence. We got there in one piece thankfully.  The famous Beaver Creek, and Spencer’s awesome cousin Chuck who works at the fabulous Osprey hotel hooked us up with rooms, lift tickets, ski rentals, and food.  The price of the whole shebang was seriously a fraction of what I was expecting.  Kudos to Chuck and his beautiful wife Dawn for treating us so well.  We stayed in a $900/night room for $80… amazing.  The Osprey apparently is the closest hotel to a chairlift in North America and I believe it, steps from the lobby to the Strawberry lift.  Ski valet right there at the door to watch your shoes, skis, etc, making it so easy to ski.  Fun to live like the big dogs for a weekend and not pay big dog prices.  Spencer and I shared what was essentially a honeymoon suite, fireplace, king bed, bathrobes, pretty funny.


Then we hit the slopes.  A beautiful day of skiing ensued, and I was plenty tired and sore  though it was only about a half day.  I was actually a bit timid and felt rusty and out of shape.  Those feelings faded over the next two days and especially the third day at the stunning Vail Resort.  Incredible skiing, hit Sunspot, Wow, and a favorite bump run of mine off the front, so much fun we did it twice.  What  mountain Vail is, enormous, fantastic conditions most of the time, and plenty of terrain to keep anyone happy.  On a powder day there’s nowhere better I say, you can get fresh tracks all day and for days after if you know where to look.Image

Saturday night we hit the Beaver Creek Chophouse.  I was actually disappointed with my steak and with the service – maybe coming from Chicago I expected too much though I doubt it.   Sunday skiing at Beaver Creek with the three physicians and my lawyer buddy from college and his seven-year old son joined us.  Skied with a bunch of doctors and lawyers, good stuff.

Sunday night got a bit crazy as we went straight to the bar apres ski and didn’t leave for six hours – and then only to wander briefly around town, where the below “mouth wrestling a bear” incident happened.ImageLater this evening we convinced Brian to bust out his guitar and amp he’d brought from Wilmington to jam for us.  He played for hours in the lounge for us, asking each of us in order for requests, and then belting out a tune to us.  Really fun and quite a talented, rock and roll doctor.  Looking forward to seeing him again live in Wilmington next time I visit.  Good stuff.


And I already told about how fabulous the day at Vail was – terrific conditions, I knew the mountain and my favorite runs, and I was in good shape again, no longer rusty nor fearful, and got such a giant adrenaline rush, a feel good rush, bombing down the slopes, stunning peaks in the background, dancing down the moguls, ripping through the powder, flying down the cattracks.  What a feeling.  I remembered why I love skiing so much.  All of it with my best old buddy and other fantastic people – such a social sport, riding up the lifts, stopping every so often on the way down the hills to chat and laugh.  Wonderful way to spend time.

We headed back to Denver, flying down the freeway through the mountains to make a 5pm dinner reservation at Lola’s Mexican restaurant in Denver.  Great to see Bliss and Jordan, had been ten years since I had last seen them, they look great.  Then I hopped on a bus to DIA, as the rest of the crew went to the Avalanche hockey game.  At DIA, they cancelled my flight (All flights were cancelled), which with a dead phone left me in a bit of a spot, as they weren’t paying for hotels due to it being a weather issue.  I headed back out, and caught a bus to Boulder, and with no phone was unable to let anybody know I was coming.  I sat next to a fascinating fellow who was a former European Union official, how cool is that?  We talked global politics, fun way to pass the time.  I noticed a Whole Foods and a road name, Baseline, which had a good shot of being roughly near the home of Dave and Margie, but I had no clue really with my phone dead.  Whole Foods was closed but the Noodle restaurant was just closing, I barged in and plugged in discretely, and called Spence, and his dad – Spencer was only about ten minutes away, they picked me up, and bam, made it back to the Carney’s home.  Spent the night, up in the morning, flights were all in action so off to the airport we went, managed to get on a 9am flight easily, and back to Chicago, direct flight, and straight into the office for a productive afternoon of work, then home to see my gorgeous baby and beautiful wife who I missed!


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