Best Deal for Ice Cream in Chicago

It’s at Nookies in Old Town.  On Wells, 1746 North Wells.  Huge bowl of ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.  Delicious.  For guess how much?  With tax, it’s only $1.66 !!!  That is served to you by a cool waiter or waitress in a chill restaurant with a great vibe.  Sit at the bar if you’re solo, table if you aren’t.  Crazy awesome deal.  Enjoyed myself one this evening.  The price is ridiculously low.  Sometimes you get a bowl, sometimes it’s in a long-stemmed sundae glass.  Delicious and excellent value either way.  A bowl of ice cream… in Old Town, Chicago… for $1.66… with tax.  What is this, 1957? Go git yerself some!


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