Tahoe ski bachelor party, Tigger on Skis


Check out the videos:      

Went to a bachelor party out in Tahoe, third ski trip this season, 15 ski days or something ridiculous like that for me this season.  I was impressed by the Tahoe area – apparently they get a ton more snow than Colorado or Utah – though it is generally heavier.  Myself and one other guy got there early on Friday morning and did a hike up Mt Waterhouse and skied down – in a raging blizzard, chains were required to get up the pass.  They don’t require chains for passenger vehicles in Colorado, and I think studs may be illegal – chews up the road too much.  If I’m wrong they don’t enforce it like in California where they pull you over and force you to chain up, have 4wd, or turn around.  No chains no goThe hike up was about an hour and forty-five minutes. And it was worth every minute – one of the greatest runs of my life, if not the greatest. Huge deep untracked powder, giant trees perfectly spaced, big poofy boulder fields, knee to thigh deep bottomless powder.  Spectacular.  Met up with ten-twelve terrific guys at a big home that night, crashed, got up and skied the amazing Kirkwood resort the following day. Steep and sunny and great snow. Best part was the groom in the Tigger suit with a pink cape. That evening we went out on the town… I’m accustomed to western ski towns, pretty chill. But we went to a rockin’ Vegas-style club, huge scaffolding bridges across the dance floor with pro dancers all the time, shows, pumping music… and all inside a casino, slot machines right outside, craps, blackjack etc – we hooked up with a bachelorette party at dinner and another at the club, lots of fun had by all. Next day six of us climbed up Mt Tallac, I believe the tallest around the stunningly gorgeous Lake Tahoe – really something to behold, an enormous lake ringed by beautiful peaks. Gorgeous. We then skied down, not as great as the Friday amazingness though still terrific. Got the groom and his brother off to the airport in time in Reno, a couple hours away. Then Will and I crashed at a casino, ate a ton of cheap sushi, and I wasted some money on video poker. Next day we headed out to Squaw Valley. I had been there as a kid and remember one particularly intimidating run that I was unable to do. We hit it – good times, check that off the life list.   

Lone tree at Squaw


Squaw was pretty amazing – giant cliffs, rocks, a tram, a double-cabled gondola that can run in winds up to 40mph and more I believe. No real names on the runs – you just ski these giant treeless runs. Wore my baseball hat backwards and neglected to put sunscreen on my forehead – nice half-moon bright red burn… It’s peeling now, very good look for me. And then off to Sacramento where I spent the night at my old climbing partner’s place with his four kids – what fun! Then canoed and fished the next day – totally unlucky – zero fish despite spending $20 on these huge live bait fish and live shrimp. He’s never caught a thing out there. Saw a sunken sailboat. Yikes.      



And then flew home!  Great time in California – beautiful state.


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