Colorado Road Trip – Aspen, Telluride, Breck, Vail and White Freeways

View down "Plunge" into Telluride

Took off for a ten-day road trip from Colorado with no particular set agenda other than the first four days were to be in Aspen with my fiance and my family and sister’s family-in-law.  We had a great time as we always do skiing Snowmass, staying in my sis’s aunt and uncle-in-laws’ gorgeous home, taking the little kids to ski school and generally enjoying life.  Woody Creek tavernAwesome Tavern outside Aspen is always a fun outing, and hanging out in a ski town is fantastic.  From there back to Denver, stayed with a fraternity brother and his family, enjoyed their company and skied Tuesday with Paul at Breckenridge where I have a season pass.  Great time and congrats to him on making full partner at his law firm this year.  We skied a bunch of hard stuff as usual.  Wednesday skied Vail with my friend Kristen who’s on my True Adventure team, then headed to Telluride to see a buddy who lives there and another buddy who’s family has a place there and very generously let us crash with him.  Wonderful town, located in a dramatic dead-end or “box” canyon with sheer cliff wall rising on each side, one of them being the ski resort.  The home was one house away from the gondola which was very convenient.  Enjoyed hiking to a couple runs with our excellent host and guide The San Juan Mountainsand then managed to hang out at the private bar reserved exclusively for ski patrol members as my other buddy knows them, lots of fun and very nice people there.  Enjoyed a meal at the Chop House one night.  Rode the gondola the following day and met two people who had met the previous day through http://www.couchsurfing .org and the guy was crashing at the girl’s place for free – very cool setup and they were both into the whole scene.  I tried it once in Breck but it didn’t go so well.  I’m now motivated to try it again.  The dude had hitchhiked from Aspen, a full eight rides it took him to get there in the winter.  Crazy and very cool.  Took off the following day around ten am after breakfast with my bud at Maggie’s.  Tons of snow the previous evening and that day stretched the ride to Denver to about nine hours… and I carried on a few hours out into the plains of Nebraska on white freeways. 

White knuckled Driving and White Highways

As I was driving along neck cranked forward and both hands on the wheel in a raging snowstorm on the great plains, I decided to pass a semi.  Not really knowing where I was on the road except that we were single-file, I bravely pulled up alongside him, half-blinded by blowing and falling snow.  I was gradually easing past him and felt maybe we were getting a bit too far left when “POW!!” something seemed to explode next to my left ear.  In fact it was my side view mirror colliding with a metal reflector post in the grass off the shoulder… this was not good.  With the semi tractor howling and grinding away a few feet to my right and my truck beginning to fishtail, I gingerly kept on the gas relying on four-wheel drive and intense concentration to get me into clear road.  I did manage to creep by him and breathed a huge sigh of relief, heart thumping in my chest, having passed him (accidentally) on the shoulder.

I spent that evening at the “Grey Goose” lodge barely into Nebraska, drove all the next day and made it to western Illinois before pulling over and spending the evening in my truck – a guy can only take so much white freeway driving with blowing snow and semis!  Made it home around 10am the next morning – what a trip.  I love that stuff – got a little long a few times but I had a great time all in all.


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