Adventure Engagement

So my girlfriend and I went to get dinner the eve of Christmas eve 2009 at the restaurant where we met – nice place, Four Farthings here in Chicago.  It was a cold, blustery night and there was a freezing rain/snowstorm going on.  We had a great time at dinner and then went for a planned walk on the beach, entailing  maybe a 3/4 mile walk through the snow in the park and over North Avenue bridge which was coated in a sheet of ice, handrails, stairs and all.  We crunched our way out onto the beach with rain and sleet biting into our faces, Lisa still in a great mood but having no idea what was coming.  I had wrapped some fake boxes back at my place that she saw before dinner – none ring-box-shaped to her disappointment.  We continued on down the freezing beach in the dark with wind and huge waves crashing onto the shore.  Lisa finally said she’d like to turn around, and as she did, back to the wind and the freezing rain, I said “well in that case I have something to ask you” and dropped to one cold wet knee.  She proceeded to lose her mind and eventually composed herself and asked me to do it again and said “yes!”  See the videos below for a sense of it.  The first video is pretty entertaining in my opinion.


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