Kayaking the Apostle Islands


The True Adventures Apostle Islands Crew

The True Adventures Apostle Islands Crew

We did a True Adventures trip to the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior for a very long weekend last weekend.  I have to say it was one of my favorite trips in recent memory.  The scenery and location were really special, the people were great, trip went smoothly, weather was absolutely ideal (sunny and low 80s), and not a mosquito to be found.  Really spectacular.

We drove about eight hours from Chicago to Bayfield Wisconsin where we rented kayaks from Trek and Trail.  We were required to take a class where we learned to self rescue and to rescue others should our kayaks flip out in the open water, very useful and comforting to know we all knew what to do in case of emergency.  We had decided to go without a guide, and that turned ut to be a great decision, definitely not worth the extra expense nor the pull of a stranger in our midst. 

We had Trek and Trail shuttle the kayaks to Sand Inlet where we loaded up our gear and paddled about 45 minutes across to Sand Island to a beautiful beach and made our way into the campsite.  Some cooked, some hiked, some lounged.Sand Island Dock Sunset

The next day we paddled maybe 5 hours to another island, passing two en route on gorgeous smooth seas, no wind and heavy sun.  I got so tan on the trip – it was terrific.  Another huge beautiful beach. 

The following morning four folks took off and the core leaders stayed, four of us.  We paddled another five or so easy hours to the mainland and made camp actually out on the beach – check the tranquility of this spot in this video:

The following day we paddled to these amazing sea caves where you could paddle in and around – really stunning. 

Apostle Islands Sea Cave


Made our way to a beach where we napped in the sun, as had become our mid afternoon habit.  A hobo meal of meat and veggies chopped up, wrapped in aluminum foil, and into the embers of the fire.  Yum!Hobo Dinner

The following day made our way back to the car, shuttled the kayaks back, and continued enjoying ourselves all the way back to Chicago. Really terrific and relaxing trip.Tan and happy crew!

And a bonus video of goofing around at camp on the second night:


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