Second City live Improv show with an audience!!

Yikes! Awesome!! Amazing – what a rush and how scary and crazy and cool to be on stage in front of a live audience – and have no idea what you’re going to say because it’s improv.  And be scared and nervous before the show but pumped and excited at the same time.  My class did great – we got a bunch of laughs from the audience and had fun and supported each other.  It was very cool – we were even better live than in class – I was worried we laughed so hard in class because we knew each other, but not the case, my friends that came said they REALLY enjoyed it – so next time I think I’ll invite more people, was a little nerve-wracking in case it was a total flop to invite people.  I didn’t stammer, stutter, or mumble – spoke loud and clear and people laughed at some stuff I said – whether at me or with me I suppose is irrelevant.  I wasn’t sure I was going to take the fourth class, level D as it takes time and going to class for three hours every week can be a drag, but I immediately signed up after the perfomance.   I had no idea it would be that fun while doing it live and so exhilirating when it was over and went so well.  I remember talking with Jimmy Buffett at the climbing wall one day and we were talking about how much of a rush it is to climb, and he said “yeah I agree!” and then he said “and surfing too, I get so fired up!”, and I said “yeah, for sure, me too!”  and Jimmy said “and being onstage in front of 50,000 people, it’s so amazing!” and I said… “er yeah….”  But now I have a small sense of what he was talking about – incredible, amazing experience, take Second City  improv classes if you have a chance!


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