Rocking out offshore with REO/Styx on the Imjatse

Twenty of my sister’s friends came cruising on the Imjatse Friday night.  That’s a record-shattering number and the boat handled everybody easily.  I believe this was our third annual event with this crew, and the biggest and possibly best yet.  One of the best nights of the summer. 

Watching REO Speedwagon from the boat

Watching REO Speedwagon from the boat

We picked everyone up at the dock at around six and headed straight for Northerly Island from Monroe Harbor and anchored (with a bit of slippage and re-anchoring) out just offshore in time to enjoy the sunset and hear the end of the .38 Special set.  Next up was REO Speedwagon and we heard them loud and clear from the water.  A bunch of guys swam and Brent entertained not only our boat but many of the surrounding craft with what is difficult to describe with words, fortunately I had my trusty camera with me and shot some video to commemorate, see below.

And then it continues with a strong finish below, an olympic-caliber air guitar scissor kick combo.

Styx finished the night and were excellent. AFter they finished we pulled up anchor and motored back to the harbor. Gorgeous night, great time, great crew, good food, plenty to drink, great bands, great city!


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