Los Angeles Quick Trip – LAX

LAX at Los Angeles Airport

LAX at Los Angeles Airport

Went to LA last Thursday and Friday for a couple work meetings, one in Redondo Beach and then dinner with some others in the fancy shmancy, famed Beverly Hills.  Good meetings, good folks.  I used to live out in Orange County for a consulting project running around eight months, managed to get a hotel on the beach in Newport and learned to surf a little before and after work.  I was struck by the amount of materialism and the focus on how you look there.  Also the amount of highways and signs and the lifestyle and the obsession with celebrities.  I enjoyed my time but was happy to leave as well.  Same with this most recent trip – I find LA fascinating.  The huge homes up in the hills, the beach homes, the slums, gangs, hollywood, fame…  Met a girl on the plane who flew in from Chicago to go to Michael Jackson’s funeral, that’s a big trip for the event.

Major thought that struck me as I was back in Chicago driving home down 90/94 on three little lanes, fresh off a trip on the 405 (they precede their highways with “the” out there – the 5, the 405, the PCH) and all seven lanes or however many there are – the thought was that Chicago is really pretty small relative to LA.  Funny as I don’t usually think that living here.

LAX Long Beach 405 Highway

LAX Long Beach, "the" 405 Highway


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