Bouldering (Climbing) at Hidden Peak in Chicago

Went bouldering again at Hidden Peak over the weekend.  I’ve never really gotten into bouldering but really enjoyed myself there.  There was a great vibe, lots of guys helping each other out, encouraging one another, and working out boudering problems together.  Picture three or five guys standing around and taking turns working out the same sequence of moves up a short rock climbing wall, each one falling off at the same spot, then gradually trying different ways of doing the hard move, and each one doing it better and better until it finally goes. 

“I toed in with my left foot”

“Crimp hard with your right”

“Set your feet after the dyno, then drop knee and reach up right for the sloper”

“Pinch with your right, cut your feet, right foot on the chip, left hand into the hueco”

Very fun with a great feeling of accomplishment after it’s done.  A decent workout with sweat and sore back and arms the next day.  I’ll be going back.  Bouldering works your core, and the climbs are much shorter, no ropes are used.  You simply jump off and land on the padded floor when you’ve finished a climb.   Density of holds is much thicker.  Means you can get in many more climbs, and typically the moves are more difficult and acrobatic in a more condensed fashion than a typical route.  Endurance isn’t key but core strength and crimp/grip power are.  It seems most of the great climbers are also accomplished boulderers.

I’d love to get a bouldering wall built in the first floor parking of Park Community Church, working on it.

Boulderers at Hidden Peak, Chicago

Boulderers at Hidden Peak, Chicago

To get to Hidden Peak and info on climbing there:

937 W. Chestnut St., Chicago(312) 563-9400 CTA – Take the Blue Line to the Chicago stop. Cross Chicago and go north on Ogden. You will walk under a bridge and turn right onto Chestnut. Driving – 90/94 from downtown. Exit at Augusta/ Milwaukee. Turn left at the light onto Milwaukee. Follow to Chicago Ave. Turn left onto Chicago. Cross light at Ogden and turn left at Sangamon. Continue on to the end of Sangamon, and turn right onto Chestnut. 90/94 from the North – Exit at Ogden. Turn left on Ogden and follow it to the end. Turn right onto Chestnut. Head through stop sign at Sangamon. LakeShore Academy is on the right.  Has eight rope routes and 2,200 feet of climbing surface mostly for bouldering. Hours Monday-Friday 12 noon -2 p.m., 5 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sundays 12-4 p.m. Fees Annual pass – $375 Day pass – $10 Lunch pass – $7 Children’s pass – $7 Shoes – $5 Harness – $2 Full gear – $6 Monthly pass – $55 10, gear punch pass – $40 10, punch pass – $80 Weights – $29 Please note – Hidden Peak is located inside Lakeshore Academy.


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