Rock Climbing in Red Wing Minnesota

I’m heading up to Red Wing Minnesota this weekend for a rock climbing trip from Chicago, so looking forward to getting outside and on some real rock.   Was going to head to southern Illinois or the Red River Gorge in Kentucky but both looked rainy.  I’ve never been to Red Wing and actually haven’t even heard of it.  I’m pretty excited, hear from the person taking me that it’s great rock and cool routes and about the same drive.  We’ll see!  Been climbing hard at the gym to get ready, looking forward to the season.

This sounds pretty good:

About Barn Bluff:

An old limestone quarry on the bluff overlooking the city of Red Wing and the Missippi River. Some of the routes are dirty, but the lions share are quality. All established routes are bolted (in order to prevent erosion of the top soil cover in the cliff), with the exception of a few crack climbs and some “open projects”. There are many routes of all dificulty levels, including many good routes for beggining leaders. The area is owned by the City of Red Wing and continued access depends on appropriate behavior/climbing practices. Please remove all trash and consumables that you bring in. There are no restrooms; use facilities in town. Also, be aware that holds come off from time to time. Sometimes they take very large chunks of rock with them. A helmet is advised for the belayer. Be careful in the spring after the freeze/thaw. Also be wary of any of the harder routes that recieve less traffic.
Climbing in Red Wing - 12b

Climbing in Red Wing - 12b


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    Rock Climbing in Red Wing Minnesota « Adventure from Chicago…

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