Colorado! (and out of gas in Nebraska)

In my favorite state in the USA, Colorado.  I love the mountains.  Staying in Breckenridge for a few days.  Skiied Snowmass three days over the weekend with the family and sister’s in-laws – such terrific people and so fun.  Aspen is gorgeous and fun and pleasant and has such a great vibe.

I had quite an adventurous road trip out here from Chicago.  Ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, ten miles from anything.  I stood on the side of the highway freezing for about ten minutes, thumb out…  and watched the 18-wheelers rumble by, full speed, one after another.  Moving over a lone for me.  I have great

Out of gas and cold in Nebraska, I-70

Out of gas and cold in Nebraska, I-70

video of my forlorn truck out in the middle of Nebraska cornfields, but forgot my cord to download.  Ended up calling triple A, 25 minutes later a fellow arrived, poured 2 gallons in my tank, collected $5 from me plus a $5 tip, and off I went.  No big deal.  Had time to take video, make a pb&j, and make some calls.  The reason I ran out is because well a) I’m a space cadet sometimes, and b) because I was in a good conversation on the phone.  The trip went by so fast, I was busy working most of the time. 

Outside of Denver I was going 76 up I-70, very excited to be in the mountains, passing people, and managed to get pulled over and get a ticket from a cop I apparently cut off, whoops.

Now chilling in Breckenridge, having a great time, looking forward to the next couple weeks.  Tried, met a fellow who didn’t quite have room – house was, how shall we say, a pit.  I couldn’t take it and exited gracefully with the claim of dog allergies, which is somewhat true.  spent the night in my truck with the seats down, very comfy and slept great, brought a winter sleeping bag and sleeping pad, parked in the hotel lot that had closed down their front desk for the night.  Was pretty fun and cheap.  Tonight in a B&B right downtown.  Having a second home here in Breckenridge is my plan, practicing living here to see if I really like it.  Which I have to say I do, very much so far.

Planning to stay with a buddy in Vail and do some backcountry skiing, kayaking next week if it’s nice in Golden, maybe climbing a 14er tomorrow.  Good living.  In a coffee shop working most of the afternoon today.   Did a nice hike up Baldy road, off Boreas pass road, good spot for backcountry skiing.  Blue sky and sunny here, high 55. 

Yesterday I drove through Glenwood springs and stopped at the hot springs/pool there.  HAd a good time, laid out in the sun, just my bathing suit on for a good few hours in the afternoon.  Who’d have thought I could do that in late winter in the Colorado mountains?  Incidentally that’s where Doc holiday spent his last years as he had some chest/breathing ailments and the sulfur hot springs helped him feel better.  There were actually a number of old folks and special needs folks there, maybe for the healing properties, or just because it feels good.


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