Flyin’ Around the Country

Flying into Boston

Flying into Boston

Did a daytrip to Boston yesterday for work.  I was thinking that our air travel system is really quite impressive.  I was able to wake up early, travel 986 miles with an associate, meet a new business partner, have lunch, and spend three or four hours with him, then roll back 986 miles and sleep in my own bed and still have time to do what I would normally do on a Thursday night in Chicago, as we landed about 6:30pm.   All smooth and easy.   Quite a system.  Also had a lot of fun and learned a bunch from my friend Ed who I travelled with, some great discussions.

In a few minutes I leave and take my entire company (which means two whole people, myself and Carl) to Arizona for a two-day meeting in Scottsdale.  Lot of traveling, hopefully today will be as smooth and enjoyable experience as yesterday. 

Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ

I enjoy travelling – I feel like you can goof around, zone out, read, do whatever and be a lazy slob if you’d like – but still feel like you are accomplishing something.  Does that make sense?  Since you are travelling, you are doing something productive that you need to do.  Anything you accomplish on top of that is gravy.   I also like all the thinking and meditation time you get, I find it very relaxing.


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