Rock Climbing at Lakeshore Athletic Club

I teach rock climbing part-time at Lakeshore Athletic Club in Chicago.  I have since I moved here from Colorado, it’s a little bit of mountains for me in the flat city.  It is great having a climbing job as a climber – it forces me to go to the gym regularly – I go once a week for 2 hours because I have to.  It’s a good system.  Plus free membership to the gym, pro deals on all the gear you can think of, a built-in set of climbing friends, and a whopping 50 cents over minimum wage – which come out to an astounding $12-14 per week!  Whoa – don’t treat me different now that you know the huge bucks I’m bringing in.

I climbed tonight on my regular 4:30-6:30 shift and some old friends came in that I used to climb hard with and take lots of trips to the Red River Gorge

Climbing at "The Red"

Climbing at "The Red"

or Southern Illinois.  We had a great time, they pushed me to my limits, working hard on a 12b.  I think I have a shot at getting it over the next few weeks and months if I work at it.  I made some solid progress tonight.  Point is rock climbing is fun – but bigger point is it is important to have people better than yourself around to push you.  I doubt I would have tried that 12b without them egging me on.  Peer pressure is a powerful motivator.  Another one is “girl power” as they say – if a cute girl is watching you climb, it can often up your game.  Climbing game that is – climbing harder to impress.  

Climber on the wall at Lakeshore Athletic Club

Climber on the wall at Lakeshore Athletic Club

Good stuff, I’ve been slacking on my climbing workouts and it was fun tonight to climb hard and push the limits, I’m looking forward to getting on the wall again.  See the Hustle Up The Hancock post for more pics of the 100 foot wall at Lakeshore.


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