Summitted Mount Belford in Colorado

Jeff Lemaster in front of Mount Belford

Jeff Lemaster in front of Mount Belford


Mt Missouri from Elkhead basin

Made it to the top of Mount Belford! Great climb, cold but with blue skies, very pretty, amazing valley and pretty mountain. I was pretty tired by the top but felt so good. I love the mountains and get such a high when I’m in the rockies. Was so fired up the whole time. I used to live out the for about five years and grew to love all different mountain activites. We actually spent the night at 11,300 feet after climbing the mountain.  We camped on about a 30 degree slope, each of us in a bivy sack.  Every time I would roll over I’d slide down a foot or so, so had to get up every so often and drag my sleeping gear up.  We went to bed when it was dark, about 6, and laid there until about 7 the next day – long night.  Clear, many stars, spectacular.  Saw people hiking by at what must have been 4am.

We did 4600 feet of elevation over only 3.7 miles – tell me that isn’t steep!  Got a very late start so weren’t able to do the doble of Mt Oxford too – but truth be told I’m not sure I could have handled it.  It was an  extra 1400 feet of elevation gain, and another couple miles – I was pretty shot by the time I got to camp, and the following morning was pretty painful on my knees as it was.  At the top of every fourteener and most every major mountain and many minor ones for that matter, is a summit log.


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