Costa Rica!

Heading to Costa Rica tomorrow!  How crazy is that?  My friend owns a resort down there and said we could stay for free if we came before December – done!  It is the green season – which is tourist bureau-speak for rainy season.  We’ll see how it goes.  Flying into San Jose and busing 3 hours to Quepos where Richard and his wife will pick us up.  We’ll probably go to Manuel Antonio, maybe Jaco, or cruise up the beach.  Would like to get some surfing in.  This has been an amazing year – I’ve been blessed with so many fun trips and opportunities, I’m very grateful.  We’ll be down there five days, leaving at a painful 5:30 am from O’Hare, yowch.

I think it’s possible for most to do these kinds of trips – it’s probably much cheaper than most think.  It’s nice that the lodging is free – but tickets were only $284, bus ride is $5, instead of $60 plane flight.  Our goal is to spend under $300 – to reminisce about how it was to travel the world for six months on a tight budget.  will be really fun to do.  Maybe miserable at times, but great stories and better adventures.  Comfort isn’t so important, and also isn’t interesting in my opinion.  so I expect to spend five days in CR for a price of under $500 for me, two of us for under $1000.  The resort I believe is quite inexpensive on the off-season, maybe $35-50 a night.  Check it out at


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